{What Made It Great}

So looking back over 2010, I am thankful for many things.  What started out as a rough and rocky year has turned out amazing!  So as we draw a close to this Thanksgiving weekend, here is my year of thankfulness rewind!

January: Another year old, and maybe a tad bit wiser.  And this was the last year to celebrate my 20’s.  Still not sure how I feel about turning 30!!!  And what an amazing trip to Imaging USA in Nashville.  If you have never gone and want to, you really should.  Wow…so many great photographers to learn from!

February:  Who can forget the Southern Snowfall!?!?!?!  Wow was that great fun.  More fun was had as we made an all girls trip to Tennessee.  And that is when we played in LOTS of that fluffy white stuff!

March:  A door closes to a chapter in my life…my job.  At first it seemed to be the end as I knew it, but in reality has been one of the biggest blessings of 2010.  Amazing how things can work out like that, huh?

April: A chance to enjoy the beauty of spring!

May: It’s official…I am now accepted into the LPN program.  This is my second chance to do what it is I have always wanted to do.  And this never would have happened had I not lost my job.  Just goes to show that when one door closes, a better one is about to open!

June: Oh boy…I’m in college again.  And wow is it different going back 11 years after high school!  But different in a good way!!!

July:  Freedom.  What a great nation we live in.  One in which we have the freedom to do as we so desire.  That is something that we should never take for granted!

August: Warm, sunny afternoons spent in the water.  Toes in the sand…ah yes.  I am thankful for having so much water all around me to relax in!

September:  My parents celebrated their 31 wedding anniversary.  And that today is becoming very rare.  So many families face divorce.  I count my blessings to have parents that stuck it out through the rough times.  Because that truly is the way it should be!

October:  Ok…so it may sound silly, but I am thankful for being able to dress up and act like a kid again at Halloween!  And not to mention getting my sugar fix!  Who says you can’t go trick or treating at 29?!?!?!

November:  I am thankful to our Veterans.  Those that have served, are currently serving and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  And also to the military families…thank you!  You must also sacrifice so much.

And now that we are knocking on December’s door, I am thankful for my favorite holiday…Christmas.  A time meant not for receiving, but for giving.  And I am thankful that we were given the most precious gift of all…Jesus.  For He is truly the meaning of the season!

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  1. We all have so much to be thankful for this year. I'm so thankful for the wonderful daughter that you are. I love you lots!


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