Wow…it’s been a WHILE!

I knew that I had gotten totally wrapped up in all that occurred with the end of the fall semester and holidays…but didn’t realize I hadn’t posted in over a month! YIKES!!!

So here I am…and a few updates to go along to!

  • Thanksgiving was spent with friends and family.  And let’s not forget about all night shopping! Yes I was one of those crazies out before midnight!!!
  • The fall semester ended…FINALLY!
  • Accepted into the RN transition program…2 semesters to go and then I will have my RN license :)
  • Christmas Eve was spent with family.
  • Christmas Day I worked 16 hrs. 

And here we are at New Year’s Eve! 

Hopefully my blogging “mojo” is back and I can stay up-to-date on posting :)