Friday Snapshot

After all the rain...these little guys are popping up everywhere!!


Instagram Favs

I love instagram! Especially when it's a calm night at work and one must find creative ways to keep from getting sleepy :)


Hello 3rd Trimester!!


Oh My…I am on the downhill slide! I hit the 3rd trimester today and in 91 days (give or take) Maddie will make her arrival!!

How far along: 27 weeks today!

How big is the baby: Maddie is now close to 2 1/2 lbs and about 14 1/2 in long.  If you want to compare that to a veggie, she is about the size of cauliflower. 

Total weight gain: Not stepping on the scale until I have to! 

Sleep: That varies…sometimes I get a good stretch of sleep in and others not so much.  For instance it’s 4am and I am wide awake and writing this blog post! 

Maternity Clothes: Do other clothes even exist anymore? Not for me! I did score a few new shirts and the dress above while shopping the other day.   

Food cravings: Watermelon continues to be a fav and add to that chicken salad! 

Food aversions: No real aversions. 


  • Multiple bathroom trips! And all the watermelon doesn’t help!!
  • Leg cramps! Though not as bad as they were there for a while. 
  • Hot Flashes! Or maybe that is because mother nature is having some extreme hot flashes right now!!
  • Swelling! Feet are no longer allowed to hang down for an extended amount of time.  The results are not pretty!

Movement: Stronger by the day! Maddie is starting to pack quite a punch and kick!! 

Gender: Girl!

Appointment: Next appointment is June 22nd.


Berry Delightful

Today I got a new toy in the mail…and I had to go try it out.  With Maddie arriving soon…95 days to be exact…I decided it would be nice just to have a small camera to throw in the diaper bag.  I love my big girl, but she is quite heavy to have on you at all times.  And I don’t want to always have to use my phone for a photo or video.  I’m a devoted Canon girl, but for a point and shoot I went Nikon.  And I’m so happy with my purchase :) I can’t wait to see what this little gem can do!!