Wow…it’s been a WHILE!

I knew that I had gotten totally wrapped up in all that occurred with the end of the fall semester and holidays…but didn’t realize I hadn’t posted in over a month! YIKES!!!

So here I am…and a few updates to go along to!

  • Thanksgiving was spent with friends and family.  And let’s not forget about all night shopping! Yes I was one of those crazies out before midnight!!!
  • The fall semester ended…FINALLY!
  • Accepted into the RN transition program…2 semesters to go and then I will have my RN license :)
  • Christmas Eve was spent with family.
  • Christmas Day I worked 16 hrs. 

And here we are at New Year’s Eve! 

Hopefully my blogging “mojo” is back and I can stay up-to-date on posting :)



A Day Out

Today was a much needed day of relaxation. The weather was absolutely perfect...sunny and highs in the mid 70's. Doesn't get much better than that!!!
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Bokeh Anyone?

I love photographing in the soft, early morning light! Add in a beautiful camellia and this is the result!



Christmas Time Is Coming


Dear Santa,

I promise I’ve been a VERY good girl this year.  Ok…a MOSTLY good girl!  Will you please bring me a new toy or 2?  You know the ones I like.  They have SQUEEKIES in them!!!  And how ‘bout a few YUMMY treats too.  I’ve been watching my girlish figure, but a girl can splurge every once in a while.  I will be sure to leave you a tasty treat and some carrots for your reindeer.




  1. I feel like being lazy and wish I could ignore these study notes on Gerontology.
  2. Mother Nature is having another “hot flash”.  I really wish she would make up her mind!!
  3. I put up my Christmas tree:)
  4. I should be doing laundry, but once again laziness is winning.  There’s always tomorrow, right???
  5. I’m learning to love Lightroom.  We’ve previously had a love/hate relationship!
  6. I’m enjoying my new TV…Santa made an early visit to me yesterday!!!
  7. The weather is looking nasty and the wind is wicked!

How’s your day???



Don’t Faint…

I actually had a chance to peek into the blog world! Life has continued to be a little on the crazy side.  I take that back…A LOT on the crazy side.  So here are the fast and furious facts of my life as of lately:

  • Working 32hrs in 2 days isn’t recommended for anyone’s sanity! Sure we’ve all wished for a work week that is only 2 days and a 5 day weekend.  But in reality…DON’T TRY IT!!!
  • There are only 5 weeks left in the semester!
  • I have a love/hate relationship with Microbiology.
  • I find out in a month if I make the cut for the RN program…waiting is KILLER!!!
  • Summer is slipping away…sigh.
  • There are actually a few leaves that have turned shades of color instead of the typical fall brown typically seen around here!
  • I miss blogging and reading all of my favorite blogs!!!

And I even had the chance to get the camera out today! Here one of my favorite shots from today :)



Simple Beauties

Take a close look at this last picture.  What do you notice about it?
As I was watching the butterflies go from flower to flower, this one caught my attention.  It is missing half of a wing! This little beauty didn’t let its flaw prevent it from going and doing what it so pleased!!



Yes…my blogging has been on the back burner here lately.  And my camera neglected once again!

So much has been going on though.  School is back in full swing and way busier than I had imagined it to be! Work…well, that is a topic all by itself.

I started working back in the beginning of August.  But things in this position were not exactly working out.  Mainly, it was a huge conflict with my school schedule.  That was no good at all. So, I resigned my position there and started at a different facility.  This position is weekends only! I work a double on Saturday and a double on Sunday and my work week is finished.  So that equals 32hrs in 2 days.  That gives me plenty of time during the week to work on homework and catch up on sleep! While I hated leaving the first position, this was a much better option.

Other than that, not much exciting is happening.  The weather is getting cooler and I hope to get my camera out and show it some love this week!



Angry Waters

Last weekend the beaches were quite angry due to the tropical system that affected the Gulf Coast.  And naturally the camera bug in me had to go check it out! I, however, was one of the smart ones that knew better than to venture into the water.  Others there were not quite as gifted and were actually out in the waves!


And I even came out from behind the camera for a very brief moment!



A Squirrel-tastic Morning

The other morning I awoke to hear something on the top of the house.  Little thumps actually.  So I get up to see what the racket is about. 

And what do I find…3 squirrels enjoying a feast at the pecan tree.  They would eat a little and then chase each other about in the tree and on top of my roof!




The heat has relented a little and my little furry girl was finally able to go outside and play ball! She is one happy pup!!!



The Reason...

That I have been MIA has a little something to do with this picture. All of these books are for ONE class. Yes...I know how insane this is. This doesn't include what books I have for my other class either.

All of this is for the transition class that prepares me for the last 2 semesters of the RN program. And the reason why I have been scarce on the blog front. In a 3 week time span we will cover one entire textbook and test on it. YIKES!!!

Ok...back to the books I go!
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How Great Thou Art

I know...I've been a little MIA. With school back in full swing, I haven't had much "free time". So for now, here is a little something I put together. Enjoy!


All About Trees

I have a fascination with trees.  Why…I’m not really sure.  But they are one of my favorite things to photography.  These were all taken back in March when I went to Tennessee, but I just realized that I hadn’t posted them!

Tree 1Tree 3Tree 2Tree 4Tree 5 BW



Yes…that has what it’s been like for me this past week!

I started back to work last Monday and it has been pretty much non-stop since.  The first 3 days were facility orientation, which meant getting up at dark-thirty to be at work.  I was SOOO happy when I found out that my regular hours will be 3-11 :)

This works great for me as I am not a “happy” morning person.  It also works well for going to school.  Best part…I will get 2 weekends a month off.

With all of the work craziness I haven’t had a chance to get my camera out much…BOO! And I’m also trying to catch up on all your blogs too!!!

IMG_9383 edit


Evening Walks

I love to take evening walks along the beach.  It’s so nice to breath fresh air and feel the sand between my toes.  You never know what you might see or find!


This little guy wasn’t too sure he liked me or my camera! We did a little crab tango before he decided that I wasn’t a threat and let me take his picture!!!