Don’t Faint…

I actually had a chance to peek into the blog world! Life has continued to be a little on the crazy side.  I take that back…A LOT on the crazy side.  So here are the fast and furious facts of my life as of lately:

  • Working 32hrs in 2 days isn’t recommended for anyone’s sanity! Sure we’ve all wished for a work week that is only 2 days and a 5 day weekend.  But in reality…DON’T TRY IT!!!
  • There are only 5 weeks left in the semester!
  • I have a love/hate relationship with Microbiology.
  • I find out in a month if I make the cut for the RN program…waiting is KILLER!!!
  • Summer is slipping away…sigh.
  • There are actually a few leaves that have turned shades of color instead of the typical fall brown typically seen around here!
  • I miss blogging and reading all of my favorite blogs!!!

And I even had the chance to get the camera out today! Here one of my favorite shots from today :)



  1. OK.... I'm tired reading your list. Girl you need a nap!

  2. Had a feeling you were swamped.
    Nice to see a great Photo!

    You're always in our prayers you know...


  3. Wow, I can not imagine working 32 hours in two days. You must be exhausted.

    Beautiful photo!


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