1. I feel like being lazy and wish I could ignore these study notes on Gerontology.
  2. Mother Nature is having another “hot flash”.  I really wish she would make up her mind!!
  3. I put up my Christmas tree:)
  4. I should be doing laundry, but once again laziness is winning.  There’s always tomorrow, right???
  5. I’m learning to love Lightroom.  We’ve previously had a love/hate relationship!
  6. I’m enjoying my new TV…Santa made an early visit to me yesterday!!!
  7. The weather is looking nasty and the wind is wicked!

How’s your day???



  1. Today.
    1. I am almost 50, I should have some experience on Gerontology.
    2. We are used to "hot flash" throughout the year, weather is unpredictable.
    3. Christmas trees are everywhere on shopping malls.
    4. I have been lazy since I got married cause my wife did all the laundry. Shame on me !
    5. I love Lightroom. It was between Picasa and Lightroom (that love/hate ended with me parting Picasa)
    6. new TV... good idea, ours is 28" tube type for maybe 8 years. Maybe its time for those LCD/Plasma big screens.
    7. Yes, it rains almost everyday here, yesterday's heavy rain caught me in the traffic jam for more then 2 hours driving home from my lecture.

  2. Wow, you put up your Christmas tree already. I can't wait until we put ours up. :)

    Beautiful shot!

  3. Today for me:
    1. Need all the help I can get for my senior moments!
    2. I'm flashing right along with mother nature!
    3. I've got to find my Christmas tree? Sr. moment?
    4.I'm ahead of you there, laundry is all done! Yeah!
    5.Don't have a clue! I hate Picasa!
    6.I want a new TV!!!! Mine's old!
    7.Let the weather do it's own thing, not bothering me right now. Getting ready to relax with a book.

  4. I think I've started something here!!!

  5. Yes You Have!
    1.looking down the tunnel, if 50 is That close.
    2.Arizona Iz a Hotflash!
    3.Christmas Cactus anyone?
    4.iz That what that smell iz ?
    5.We live in a Lightroom...whatz Picasa?
    5.Year 5 with NO T.V.
    6.Nights are cooling down a bit :)

    ~Thank God for Big-Huge Blessings!

    *Study Hard my friend & relax even Harder..the years sneak up on us.

  6. OOPS! i have 2 5's and no 7...
    Senior 'Moment' did you say Mama-bug?
    Woah iz me...he-he.

    7. Learning to Love every precious minute of it.


  7. Today I
    1. Wish I had more time to knit.. or maybe I did but I couldn't find it.
    2. Mother Nature is sending all her cold here... FREEZING
    3. Christmas Tree??? Girl, I'm still enjoying my fall decorations!
    4. Oh laundry - that was the other thing I should have done today.
    5. Never used Lightroom, but love my new Apple.
    6. I'd love a new TV... can you tell Santa?
    7. See # 2... I live in the cold north and it is here.

    LOVE the picture! Good luck on those study notes!


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