The Reason...

That I have been MIA has a little something to do with this picture. All of these books are for ONE class. Yes...I know how insane this is. This doesn't include what books I have for my other class either.

All of this is for the transition class that prepares me for the last 2 semesters of the RN program. And the reason why I have been scarce on the blog front. In a 3 week time span we will cover one entire textbook and test on it. YIKES!!!

Ok...back to the books I go!
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How Great Thou Art

I know...I've been a little MIA. With school back in full swing, I haven't had much "free time". So for now, here is a little something I put together. Enjoy!


All About Trees

I have a fascination with trees.  Why…I’m not really sure.  But they are one of my favorite things to photography.  These were all taken back in March when I went to Tennessee, but I just realized that I hadn’t posted them!

Tree 1Tree 3Tree 2Tree 4Tree 5 BW



Yes…that has what it’s been like for me this past week!

I started back to work last Monday and it has been pretty much non-stop since.  The first 3 days were facility orientation, which meant getting up at dark-thirty to be at work.  I was SOOO happy when I found out that my regular hours will be 3-11 :)

This works great for me as I am not a “happy” morning person.  It also works well for going to school.  Best part…I will get 2 weekends a month off.

With all of the work craziness I haven’t had a chance to get my camera out much…BOO! And I’m also trying to catch up on all your blogs too!!!

IMG_9383 edit


Evening Walks

I love to take evening walks along the beach.  It’s so nice to breath fresh air and feel the sand between my toes.  You never know what you might see or find!


This little guy wasn’t too sure he liked me or my camera! We did a little crab tango before he decided that I wasn’t a threat and let me take his picture!!!


Day Dreaming

It has been SO hot here the last week.  Our temps have hit triple digits and the heat index has been close to 115.  So Muffy sits at the window and dreams of going outside to chase her ball.



Nature’s Color Palette

I was sitting in my living room the other night when I noticed that my windows had a pink glow about them.  So I got up and took a look outside.  What I saw was one amazing display of color.  These images are SOOC with the exception of web sharpening and watermarking!



Blue Skies


And emerald green water


It doesn’t get much better than this!


The Call

I finished the LPN program in June, then took and passed my boards in July.  The next step was finding a JOB!

As soon as I had my letter from the Florida Dept. of Health authorizing me to work as a graduate nurse I started the long, tiresome process of updating my resume. And then the hunt for a job ensued.

I’m not really sure what happened to all the LPN jobs, but they were all of the sudden far and few between.  Literally there would be only one or two new listings a week! That my dear blog friends was a little stressful to see. 

I had just finished school and now there are limited jobs for 3 graduating programs to fight for! So I did only what I knew to do…PRAY! God had gotten me this far, so I was sure that He wouldn’t leave me hanging.

I applied to a total of nearly 10 positions.  So I then get a call for an interview.  And was really excited about the possibilities it had to offer.  After a month of going back and forth, an offer came.  But it wasn’t what we had first discussed and I knew that it wasn’t going to be the right place for me. 

And then…at 7pm one evening I get a call from my TOP CHOICE of where I said I wanted to work.  I was ecstatic! But at the same time knew it would be next to impossible to go to work there.  They aren’t known for hiring new grads.

But they gave me an interview…and guess what!?!?!?!

They decided to take a chance on me and started running my background checks. I then had a conditional offer on the table.  I had to pass my reference checks, background screening and a few other small things. 

And today, exactly 2 weeks later, I get THE CALL.  The position is mine if I want it!  Well, that was a no brainer!!! Yes I want it…and I am still pinching myself to make sure that I’m not dreaming.

This whole process, along with the last year of school, has taught me so much.  God has an AMAZING plan for each of us! But we have to be willing to listen, be stretched, and sometimes be willing to walk by faith alone. The road to this point wasn’t easy…and at times I could even see a glimmer of light at the end.  But God walked me through it, holding me up when I didn’t think I could take another step! And in the end, I am right where He wants me to be.

A big plus is that they are willing to work with my school schedule! Yep…school isn’t over for me yet.  I have applied to start the RN program in January.

Oh…and I guess you would like to know where I am going to work at, huh?!?!?

I will be working at a VA Nursing Home. We did many clinical hours at this facility during school and I absolutely fell in love with not only the facility, but the residents as well.  What an honor to be able to give back to those that have given so much to serve in our Armed Forces!!!


Do You Remember…

this adorable little newborn?


Libby turned 1 on Sunday…so that meant it was time for photos! We had a great time at Windmark Beach today, despite the major heat wave we have going on right now!!!



Dear Tourists

If you see this…


it means that it would be in your best interest to stay out of the water unless you are a skilled swimmer.  Otherwise, you may find yourself in this situation…


having to be rescued by a lifeguard. 

On this particular day, T.S. Don was approaching Texas and had our waters kicked up pretty strong.  The waves were amazing, but the undercurrent was extremely strong! Many don’t realize the dangers of swimming in these strong undercurrents and find themselves in trouble.  I am thankful that this situation had a happy ending, but unfortunately many do not.  So if you are visiting the beaches, please be sure to know what the water conditions are before you head into the water!

Ok…I will get off my PSA soapbox now :)