Yep…I’ve been a little MIA here on the blog lately.  I guess that is the way it goes sometimes!  Last week was very hectic and then I went out of town for the weekend.  My camera is feeling VERY neglected at the moment :(

The countdown is on until my pinning ceremony…45 days! This is part of why I’ve been MIA.  There is so much to get finished and ready in the next 6 weeks.  The biggest being finalizing everything to take my state board…YIKES!

Anywho…stay tuned for new pics coming soon!



Peace I leave to you; my peace I give to you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

John 14: 27

In the last year I have faced many trials…and have found my way through them.  Some easier to tackle than others.

And now, I find myself facing a giant.  The nature of this giant will remain unstated.  It is one of those situations in which you think you are doing all as it should be, only to find out that isn’t the case.

I have found myself shedding tears periodically throughout the day.  And at times very agitated over the whole thing.  But tonight as I sat here reading, I was reminded of the above verse.

In situations that are out of our control, we have but one thing to do.  And that is to turn it over and let God’s peace replace the fear.  Let that sweet peace wash away what the world has taught us and trust that God knows all.






64 Days & Counting

Countdown to what?  My LPN Pinning Ceremony!

I cannot believe that this chapter is nearing its end.  And what a year this has been.  As a class, we have learned so much.  We have learned the necessary skills to care for those whom we come in contact with.  But more importantly, we students have formed a bond that is unlike any other. 

You fellow nursing students really become your family in a certain sense.  This are the individuals you see more than anyone…including your family.  You share many ups & downs…and there are those priceless moments that you will never forget.

And now in just a few short weeks, we will set out on our new career path.  A scary thought that you will hold other’s life in your hands.  Are we ready?  I believe the correct answer would be yes and no!




Yep…Still Here

Just been a running a little crazy this week! Will get up to date with my 365 Project tomorrow!