Simple Beauties

Take a close look at this last picture.  What do you notice about it?
As I was watching the butterflies go from flower to flower, this one caught my attention.  It is missing half of a wing! This little beauty didn’t let its flaw prevent it from going and doing what it so pleased!!



Yes…my blogging has been on the back burner here lately.  And my camera neglected once again!

So much has been going on though.  School is back in full swing and way busier than I had imagined it to be! Work…well, that is a topic all by itself.

I started working back in the beginning of August.  But things in this position were not exactly working out.  Mainly, it was a huge conflict with my school schedule.  That was no good at all. So, I resigned my position there and started at a different facility.  This position is weekends only! I work a double on Saturday and a double on Sunday and my work week is finished.  So that equals 32hrs in 2 days.  That gives me plenty of time during the week to work on homework and catch up on sleep! While I hated leaving the first position, this was a much better option.

Other than that, not much exciting is happening.  The weather is getting cooler and I hope to get my camera out and show it some love this week!