A Little Makeover :)

I started getting slightly bored with the overall design of my blog.  So…I decided to have a little blog makeover :)  What you think???

In other news, life is great.  I have finished another round of clinicals!  While I am ready to move to the next location, I will definitely miss my residents.

And now…I must go assess the backs of my eyelids! 

You Know You’re A Nursing Student If… Part 2

Remember this post?  If not refresh yourself…and if you do, please read on!
You know you’re a nursing student if…
1. Your backpack is on wheels because it weighs more than you do.
2. Your arms are toned from pulling your backpack.
3. You have nightmares you forgot to chart your assessment findings and clinical instructor gives you a big fat U!
4. You diagnose yourself with whatever ailment you're studying at the time.
5. You study until 1:00am and get up at 5:00am to study some more.
6. You live off of coffee!
7. When two of the four test answers are correct but you have to pick the most correct answer!
8. When Maslow's Hierarchy and Davis's Drug Guide becomes your Bible.
9. Your laundry pile is competing with Mount Everest.
10. You witness someone wash their hands and turn off the faucet without a paper towel and you CRINGE!
11. Your classmates start to know you better than your own family.
12. You forget what it's like to have free time....what's that?


Sleep Deprivation

I am not a person that functions well early in the morning, or when running low on energy.  Just ask anyone that knows me well!!!  And this week has been plagued by both a lack of sleep and getting up at 4am.  Dear Lord please let the weekend hurry up and get here!

I should be back to blogging as normal in a week…once the early mornings and sleep deprivation subside :)


And now…

The long weekend is coming to a close.  It has been fabulous to have a super long weekend.  A chance to enjoy friends and family.  And yes, to catch up on sleep as well!

But life returns back to my new normal tomorrow!  So bring on that assessment and test :)



Miss Libby! 

I had the joy of getting to photograph this little cutie today.  And what a sweet baby she is!  She didn’t seem to mind that we took her picture…she was free of clothes and diaper and happy as could be!  And I think that she must have gotten some posing tips from big sister Celie!!!

Thanks Sarah, Matthew and Celie for sharing those sweet cheeks with me today!!!

011 019 027 007


Nursing Student Diagnosis


Yep…his pretty much sums up my life as a nursing student!!!  Lack of sleep, no thought of a social life, the bank is broke and there is most definitely not enough hours in the day to do all that needs to be done!

Other than that, life is pretty good.  I am counting down to a much needed long weekend.  Count with me:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 days off :)  Yes, this makes me one very happy nursing student.  Granted…there will still be case studies to complete and a test to study for; but, no getting up before the crack of dawn!  Maybe somewhere in those off days I can enjoy a little sunshine and put my toes in the water.  It seems like FOREVER since they have been in the sand and water.


How Nurses Multitask

Aren’t you glad that nurses are excellent at multitasking???



Why oh Why…

Do weekends always end much too quickly.  It doesn’t matter what you spend the time doing, they seem to just zoom right on by!  And once again you find yourself preparing for Monday morning…for me that includes a test too!!! 

Now that I am past my moment of complaining…

My weekend was spent being lazy for the most part.  Sometimes you just need that little bit of down time to re-focus and get yourself energized to face the world again.  This week, like most others will be busy.  Life as a college student is meant to be spent when you are young for a reason!  It truly has more challenges going back to school now.  But I just have to keep reminding myself that June 2011 will be here before I know it!

Hope each of you have a fantastic week ahead =)

Tribute Video

I made this video last night in tribute to my Grandpa.  This song brings tears to my eyes each time I hear it, but the words are so fitting and true.  All photos used in this video were taken by me or my mom, Chris.

Grandpa’s love of photography wasn’t just passed to me…it was passed to his children and grandchildren.  My mom, my aunt, and us grands all have a passion to capture life and to share it others.

I hope you enjoy…and maybe get a tissue before it starts!