You know you’re a nursing student if…

1. you are not allowed to talk about your day at school at the dinner table.

2. you have what you think is a nightmare, and realize “oh…I’m just at clinical!”

3. you have replaced sleep with coffee and other highly caffeinated beverages.

4. you have no problem discussing bowel movements at lunch.

5. you find yourself wiping other people’s butts more than your own.

6. your family has placed an APB in order to locate you.

7. you get excited over a dressing change or catheter change.

8. your friends start wondering if you’re still alive.

9. you have a new favorite color…white.

10. you find yourself subconsciously giving your friends and family nursing diagnoses.


  1. That's my girl! Absolutely thought
    this is so right on!

  2. This is ALL so true!!! I may have to do a similar post to this :) Great post! I am loving your blog!


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