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Woo-Hoo! The first 3 weeks of school have been completed and so far all is going well! It has been quite the adjustment though. I have found it to be a little challenging to get back in a good study routine in the beginning, but now I seem to be getting back in the grove. Guess I just needed to brush the dust off :) And I have found that Pixie Stix are a great study companion too! This may not be so good on the diet though!!!

I am looking forward to a nice weekend. Maybe even get a little sun and catch up on my lack of Vitamin D. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with that!

Wow…my life really is pretty non-existent at the moment.  Maybe this weekend will give me a little more blog-worthy news!

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  1. I know it's been a rough 3 weeks; but you've done great. Just hang in there this year will be done before you know it. Looking forward to having my very own nurse when I get old and creeky!


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