{Fun Facts}

I got this idea from Amy over at Life’s Journey with a Smile and decided it would be fun to do!

Four Shows I Watch:
Private Practice
Grey's Anatomy
Brothers & Sisters

Four Things I'm Passionate About:
finishing nursing school
all things blog related
a clean bathroom

Four Phrased I Say A Lot:
for sure
care plans, care plans, care plans {oy vey!}

Four Things I've Learned from the Past:
You’re not promised your next breath
Let your past be in the past, move forward with today
Never settle…EVER!
Take time to enjoy the small things in life

Four Place I Would Like to Go:

Four Things I Did Yesterday:
took a nap
cleaned my house

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to:
Christmas break…one good thing about being a student again!
LPN Pinning Ceremony June 9th
Vacation in March
A new year

Four Things I Love About Winter:
Hot Chocolate
winter accessories…jackets, hats, gloves
winter sunsets…they are amazing!!!

Four Things on My Wish List:
Canon 5DMarkII
Canon 70-200L
new wardrobe
new set of wheels


{Play Time}

I always get a good laugh when my furry baby decides to play.  She acts more like a cat while playing than a dog.  I think she has some confusion over what she really is!!!  And she was not happy when she realized she was being watched.



{What Made It Great}

So looking back over 2010, I am thankful for many things.  What started out as a rough and rocky year has turned out amazing!  So as we draw a close to this Thanksgiving weekend, here is my year of thankfulness rewind!

January: Another year old, and maybe a tad bit wiser.  And this was the last year to celebrate my 20’s.  Still not sure how I feel about turning 30!!!  And what an amazing trip to Imaging USA in Nashville.  If you have never gone and want to, you really should.  Wow…so many great photographers to learn from!

February:  Who can forget the Southern Snowfall!?!?!?!  Wow was that great fun.  More fun was had as we made an all girls trip to Tennessee.  And that is when we played in LOTS of that fluffy white stuff!

March:  A door closes to a chapter in my life…my job.  At first it seemed to be the end as I knew it, but in reality has been one of the biggest blessings of 2010.  Amazing how things can work out like that, huh?

April: A chance to enjoy the beauty of spring!

May: It’s official…I am now accepted into the LPN program.  This is my second chance to do what it is I have always wanted to do.  And this never would have happened had I not lost my job.  Just goes to show that when one door closes, a better one is about to open!

June: Oh boy…I’m in college again.  And wow is it different going back 11 years after high school!  But different in a good way!!!

July:  Freedom.  What a great nation we live in.  One in which we have the freedom to do as we so desire.  That is something that we should never take for granted!

August: Warm, sunny afternoons spent in the water.  Toes in the sand…ah yes.  I am thankful for having so much water all around me to relax in!

September:  My parents celebrated their 31 wedding anniversary.  And that today is becoming very rare.  So many families face divorce.  I count my blessings to have parents that stuck it out through the rough times.  Because that truly is the way it should be!

October:  Ok…so it may sound silly, but I am thankful for being able to dress up and act like a kid again at Halloween!  And not to mention getting my sugar fix!  Who says you can’t go trick or treating at 29?!?!?!

November:  I am thankful to our Veterans.  Those that have served, are currently serving and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  And also to the military families…thank you!  You must also sacrifice so much.

And now that we are knocking on December’s door, I am thankful for my favorite holiday…Christmas.  A time meant not for receiving, but for giving.  And I am thankful that we were given the most precious gift of all…Jesus.  For He is truly the meaning of the season!


{Shopping Frenzy}

I have always loved the thrill of Black Friday shopping.  And yes, I am aware that many think I am absolutely out of my mind! But this year, we decided to change it up a little.

We decided to start the shopping at MIDNIGHT!  Yep…we are officially crazy people for sure now!!!

It was insane before 12:01am ever arrived at Walmart, and that trend continued throughout the wee morning hours.  And the crowds were certainly out in full force this year.  I believe there were definitely more out and about this year than the last few years.  Maybe it was because there were some really amazing deals!  And I also scored a couple really great deals online. 

And one of the best parts of it all…Coram’s (think Waffle House but better) at 3am!  YUM!!!

So I have contributed to the madness of Black Friday 2010…what about you?


{Fun with Lights}

So I got a little bored last night and was in a mood to take pics.  Well, being that it was way after dark my options were slightly limited!  I decided to play with the lights on the Christmas tree. 

And I present to you my late night creation…


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!


{On Cloud Nine}

This is a photo out of my favorites file for 2010.  I’m not sure what it is that draws me to it, but something most certainly does!  And today, it is this photo that puts me On Cloud Nine!


Have a photo that puts you in that happy place?  If so, hop on over to Pastor’s Girl’s Ponderings and link up with On Cloud Nine!

{Wee Bit of Me Wednesday}

{one} what kind of camera do you have?
i have a canon 40D

{two} you just won $1000 and you have to spend it on yourself on one item. what do you buy?
Hmmm…that’s easy!  A new camera lens!

{three} if you had to choose, would you rather live with your parents in the same house forever or 5000 miles away?
I guess I would choose to live with them…5000 miles is quite a bit of distance!

{four} is your christmas tree up yet?
Just put it up!

{five} do you bring reusable bags to the grocery store?
Nope…I have them but they never make it to the store with me.

{six} which would be worse: listening to the same song on replay for the rest of your life or having to eat the same meal everyday for the rest of your life?
Without a doubt, the same meal.

{seven} name 3 things you are thankful for this season.
Family, being back in school and a roof over my head.

{eight} do you dye/highlight your hair? if so, do you do it yourself or have it done at the salon?
You bet!  And for now it is done at home…I’m a broke college student again.

{nine} would you rather watch a movie at home or at the theater?
At the theater.

{ten} would you rather win $1000/week for life or $5 million all at once?
$1000 a week wouldn’t be too shabby!

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As I sit here tonight, I cannot help but notice the thick fog that has set in.  It is very thick and heavy, making it hard to see what lies a few feet in front of you.

Life is often like the enveloping fog.  You can’t see what is about to happen next.  There is something just around that curve, but stretch as you may you cannot see what it will be.  If only you could catch a glimpse of what it was you could prepare yourself.

That is when faith must take over.  Trusting even though you cannot see what it is, and knowing that God has it all in His plan.  Faith allows you to take that step around the curve into the unknown and not be fearful.  Even if the way is obscured by the fog.

And with each step of faith that we take, it gets easier.  We know that with each step of faith, God is right there with us.  Holding our hand and giving us the reassurance that we need.

Faith is what gets us through those dark, foggy nights.  The trials that seem impossible to overcome.  The problem that has no solution in sight.  The door that suddenly closes without warning.

Sometimes life may seem impossible.  But let go…have FAITH!


I’ve definitely been a little MIA here on the blog.  It has been nice to have several days off…and I have been making the most of them!  Finally, my house is back in order.  That makes me very happy.  Next comes a little painting.  And that makes me even happier!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!!!



IMG_6184 copy

{A Few Favs}

Not too long ago, I mentioned a site that I really love that has freebies for photogs.  Well…I have since found a few more sites that I really love and thought I would share them as well!

As mentioned before, I really love PhotoFreebies!  Lots of great giveaways too!

Next on my list is The CoffeeShop.  Great actions for both Photoshop and Elements! There are also quite a few templates.

Everyday Elements is dedicated to Elements users!  They too have many free actions!


Up next is Isabelle Lafrance Photography.  She has some great things for both Photoshop and Elements users alike as well.

ILafrance Blog Button

Kevin and Amanda have lots of free fonts…and I am especially in love with their pea fonts!

I get the cutest scrapbooking fonts at Free Scrapbook Fonts! kevinandamanda.com/fonts

And finally, Pay It Forward!


{I Am Me}

FYI…this is not my typical post.  But it is something that has been on my mind a great deal in the last few weeks. 

Unique and original, there is no other that is quite like me.  Or you for that matter!

While each of us may have similarities, we each have characteristics that are unique and one-of-a-kind.  So why is that we have let society set a standard of what we should be?

The days of a care-free childhood are no more.  Children and teens are thrown into a world that says they must keep up with the “Jones”.  You must dress a certain way, you must be a certain size, you must listen to a certain type of music, etc. 

It seems as though being oneself is becoming a thing of yesterday.  And that makes me sad.  There is a generation of teens that are struggling to fit into a mold that society tells them they must fit into.  And if they can’t conform, then something must be wrong with them.

These societal views have lead to the destruction of many lives.  And what is most heartbreaking, the loss of life.  All due to the “pressure” to fit in. 

Yep…I’m digging in a little deep tonight.  Because there are lives that hang in the balance.  A generation that lacks knowing who they are.  And due to this, we have a generation of teens that are seeking acceptance anywhere they can find it.  And many times…these actions are a cry for help. 

Depression is not something that affects adults only.  It is also prevalent among teens.  When untreated, depression can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms.  Behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity, and self-injury. 

It breaks my heart to see so many teens struggling with these issues.  I have seen a young girls tears shed over not “fitting in”.  Heard her questions of “why”. 

There needs to be an intervention.  It is time for societal norms to be silenced.  Whatever it takes, we need to step up to the plate for this generation.

Unfortunately, many young girls are turning to self-injurious behaviors due to loneliness, fear, depression and emptiness.  It is a CRY for help. 

To Write Love on Her Arms began as an attempt to tell the story and a way to help a friend in 2006.  From there, an organization was born. TWLOHA is dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.  They exist to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly to treatment and recovery.  If you haven’t heard of this organization before, please take a moment to visit their site. 

It is my goal to present the truths.  To find a way to help.  And I challenge you tonight to find a way that you can help to!


{I love…}

lots of things.  But nothing is more precious than a newborn.  A close friend recently had her second daughter and naturally I couldn’t resist going to take those precious newborn pics.  She is such a little angel!  Congrats Jenny, Josh and Mekena!!!



{A Day of Fun}

It’s always great to meet friends for the day…especially if there are photos involved!  And that is exactly what happened on Saturday!

Here’s a little peak of all our fun!!!


It was a blast…can’t wait to meet up again soon!!!


{Looks Like Fall}

I cannot believe that I was able to get a few snaps of some true fall colors today!  And not to mention it was one of the most beautiful days I have seen in a while!!! 



{What About The Small Things}

I saw this quote earlier today and it pretty much stopped me in my tracks.  This is what it read:

Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.  ~Estonian Proverb

Just how often do I…and you…take time to stop and be thankful for the small things in life.  The things that many times we simply take for granted and not even think about.  And then we get caught up thinking about all the things we “wish” we had and become unhappy when we cannot have them for whatever reason.

So I challenge you tonight.  Make out a list of all the things that you are thankful for. 

Here’s my list:

  1. Family and friends that love me for who I am…unconditionally.
  2. A sweet furry baby that always knows how to make me smile after a long day.
  3. A roof over my head.
  4. Food in my fridge.
  5. Clothes to wear.
  6. A chance to go back to school and follow my dream.
  7. My camera…which I’d be completely lost without.
  8. A car to get me where I need to go.
  9. Good health…especially now that I am in nursing school!
  10. My faith.
  11. Modern technology…cell phone, computer, tv, etc.
  12. My freedom, which would not be possible without those that are currently serving, have served, or gave the ultimate sacrifice.



I don’t think it gets much better than a beautifully painted sky.  And for some reason, the Fall and Winter sunsets are always breathtaking.  They are so vibrant and colorful!  This was the sky as I captured it tonight.

  IMG_6001blog IMG_5998blogIMG_6002blog IMG_5993blog IMG_5996blog

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{Wee Bit of Me Wednesday}

{one} do you collect anything? if so, what and how long have you been collecting?
Let’s see…does shoes count?  I seem to have quite the collection of those!

{two} what is one cleaning tip that you swear by?
Vinegar…it works great for cleaning windows and mirrors.

{three} who would you call for bail money?
That would depend on who was in the cell with me!

{four} what is one thing you miss about being a kid?
The freedom from responsibility.  As kids we are in such a hurry to grow up and be adults, but little do we realize how much we will miss the days of no worries!

{five} name a few of your guilty pleasures.
Lots of coffee…thanks to being a college student again!

{six} how early do you start your holiday shopping?
Those that know me well can tell you that I am a BIG procrastinator!  I usually wait until the last minute.

{seven} what is a family tradition that you would like to pass on to your significant other/children?
Waking up early to nice, hot cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate.

{eight} what do you consider your greatest achievement?
For me it is not a tangible item.  It is finding contentment with where life is taking me.  So many are dissatisfied with life…always searching for what will make them happy.

{nine} what do you do to pamper yourself?
Pedi!  Which I am in severe need of as I type.

{ten} if you were to start your own restaurant, what would it be called?
It would probably be something like Sweet Delights…and serve coffee and pastry type items.

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{Fun Fact}

Did you know that on this day 41 years ago one of my childhood TV favorites debuted? 

With it’s catchy tune, Sesame Street quickly became a childhood favorite for many.  So Happy 41st Birthday Sesame Street!

Did you have a favorite Sesame Street character?  If so, who was it?  I most certainly had a favorite…Big Bird!


{Weekend Wrap-Up}

This weekend has been pretty low-key.  And for that I am very thankful!  Most of my weekend was consumed by cleaning and washing clothes.  Oh what fun…but had to be done nonetheless!

I hope each of you have had a great weekend!!!


{Wee Bit of Me}

{one} do you still use a checkbook?

Rarely. I may write 1 check in a months time!

{two} what size shoe do you wear?

7.5 to 8, depending on the shoe

{three} scary movies or happy endings?

It all depends on what I’m in the mood for!

{four} do you prefer spontaneity or stability?

I am a go with the flow kinda girl. So I am 100% OK with spontaneity :)

{five} what is the most embarrassing cd that you own?

Hmmm…I can actually say I don’t have any!  Cleaned out CD’s not too long ago!

{six} do you watch reality tv?

There are a few that I watch, with my fav being Dancing with the Stars

{seven} what is your favorite home-made meal?

Simple…lasagna!  Which I made last nite :)

{eight} do you have any allergies?

No food allergies…on the flip side I am allergic to e-mycin.  Not a happy day for me if I were to have that!

{nine} if you could open your own restaurant/store, what would it be?

Maybe some sort of pet botique.  Never really gave something like that much thought.

{ten} would you ever go skydiving (or have you been)?

Planning to sometime in the near future.  And I can’t wait!!!


That is pretty much what tonight’s post contains!

I love the sound of rain hitting the roof.  Mixed in with a few rumbles of thunder.  For me, it doesn’t get much better than that!!!  Hopefully it keeps raining and I will sleep like a baby tonight.

My day of the week has gotten confused somehow.  I keep trying to make today Thursday for some strange reason.  Oh the disappointment each time I have to remind myself that it is only Wednesday!

In other news, I am counting down the days until the Fall Semester ends.  Only 21 actual days of class/clinicals!  We have a day off per week and a full week off at Thanksgiving.  I think maybe our teachers are ready for a break from us as much as we are ready for a break from studying :)  Come on December 16th!!!

Time changes this weekend…and I’m so not looking forward to that!  The getting dark an hour earlier thing is so not cool.  And not to mention it throws you completely off balance for the next several weeks.  You’re sleepy when you aren’t supposed to be, hungry when you aren’t supposed to be, etc…

I am SOOO happy that elections are finally over.  If I had to watch one more political ad I am sure I would have lost it.  I have seen the political ads get bad, but this year they went to a whole new realm.  I heard somewhere that this years political ads in general were the most negative ads to date.  And I believe it.

Ok…back to the land of studying I shall go!



I’m celebrating 2 things actually!

1. This is my 100th post :)  Thank you to those of you following along!!!

2. I have a day off from classes tomorrow!  And to top it off, I have a day off a week until classes end for the semester on December 17th.  Including the entire week of Thanksgiving off!!!  Yes, I am SUPER excited over this :)

I will leave you tonight with one of my favorite photos!

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{This is Me}

On mornings, such as this one, when I am forced to get out of bed at dark-thirty in the morning!  And it is no secret that I am definitely NOT a morning person!!!  But thankfully, my morning jolt of caffeine makes all things right in the world :)

IMG_5990 blog

Happy Monday Everyone!!!  Hope you have a fantastic week!