{A Few Favs}

Not too long ago, I mentioned a site that I really love that has freebies for photogs.  Well…I have since found a few more sites that I really love and thought I would share them as well!

As mentioned before, I really love PhotoFreebies!  Lots of great giveaways too!

Next on my list is The CoffeeShop.  Great actions for both Photoshop and Elements! There are also quite a few templates.

Everyday Elements is dedicated to Elements users!  They too have many free actions!


Up next is Isabelle Lafrance Photography.  She has some great things for both Photoshop and Elements users alike as well.

ILafrance Blog Button

Kevin and Amanda have lots of free fonts…and I am especially in love with their pea fonts!

I get the cutest scrapbooking fonts at Free Scrapbook Fonts! kevinandamanda.com/fonts

And finally, Pay It Forward!


  1. Thanks! I've used a couple of actions from those sites and love them! I've never been to PhotoFreebies though!

  2. Thanks! I've also used a couple of these, but more options is always nice.


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