{Shopping Frenzy}

I have always loved the thrill of Black Friday shopping.  And yes, I am aware that many think I am absolutely out of my mind! But this year, we decided to change it up a little.

We decided to start the shopping at MIDNIGHT!  Yep…we are officially crazy people for sure now!!!

It was insane before 12:01am ever arrived at Walmart, and that trend continued throughout the wee morning hours.  And the crowds were certainly out in full force this year.  I believe there were definitely more out and about this year than the last few years.  Maybe it was because there were some really amazing deals!  And I also scored a couple really great deals online. 

And one of the best parts of it all…Coram’s (think Waffle House but better) at 3am!  YUM!!!

So I have contributed to the madness of Black Friday 2010…what about you?

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