Angry Waters

Last weekend the beaches were quite angry due to the tropical system that affected the Gulf Coast.  And naturally the camera bug in me had to go check it out! I, however, was one of the smart ones that knew better than to venture into the water.  Others there were not quite as gifted and were actually out in the waves!


And I even came out from behind the camera for a very brief moment!



A Squirrel-tastic Morning

The other morning I awoke to hear something on the top of the house.  Little thumps actually.  So I get up to see what the racket is about. 

And what do I find…3 squirrels enjoying a feast at the pecan tree.  They would eat a little and then chase each other about in the tree and on top of my roof!




The heat has relented a little and my little furry girl was finally able to go outside and play ball! She is one happy pup!!!