How many weeks? 10 weeks as of 2/10

Weight gain to date? 4lbs

Food likes or dislikes? Right now the food of choice has been Pizza Hut. I am sure that has helped the weight gain add another pound or so!!

How big is baby right now? About the size of a prune.

Anything interesting to share? Not much excitement this week. I am close to saying goodbye to the first trimester...16 days. Not that I'm counting or anything!!

Bump shot...


So this beautiful sky looked as though it would offer a pleasantly warm day...WRONG! It was a chilly day and my toes had to retreat from their flip flop attire!

In other news...life is going well. This semester is 1/3rd of the way complete! Counting the days until spring break too! I will post my next bump-date soon. Just need to get a belly shot for this week still!


Weekly Bump-Date

What week? Week 9

How am I feeling? Still feeling good aside from being a little queasy and the continued exhaustion.

Weight gain? 2.5lbs

Food likes or dislikes? This week hasn’t really been one specific item…other than FOOD! I can’t believe how hungry I have been the last few days!!!

Doctor’s Appointment? Well, I wasn’t supposed to go in until the 20th, but had to make a quick visit in this week.  The upside to that was hearing my little jellybean’s heartbeat on the doppler.  And I must say this little one is already proving to be a little stinker.  Hide and seek was the game of choice today while the nurse was trying to get the heartbeat.  She would get it and then away it went.  Little did I realize baby is already moving about in there (so hard to imagine!!) and decided to move each time the doppler came near!

Weekly Bump Shot: Hopefully I will be able to get a better bump shot in the upcoming week :)