Weekly Bump-Date

What week? Week 9

How am I feeling? Still feeling good aside from being a little queasy and the continued exhaustion.

Weight gain? 2.5lbs

Food likes or dislikes? This week hasn’t really been one specific item…other than FOOD! I can’t believe how hungry I have been the last few days!!!

Doctor’s Appointment? Well, I wasn’t supposed to go in until the 20th, but had to make a quick visit in this week.  The upside to that was hearing my little jellybean’s heartbeat on the doppler.  And I must say this little one is already proving to be a little stinker.  Hide and seek was the game of choice today while the nurse was trying to get the heartbeat.  She would get it and then away it went.  Little did I realize baby is already moving about in there (so hard to imagine!!) and decided to move each time the doppler came near!

Weekly Bump Shot: Hopefully I will be able to get a better bump shot in the upcoming week :)



  1. I don't think I ever commented on you being pregnant - unless I did by email. Congratulations. I remember being that hungry too in the early weeks!

  2. AHA! More than baby bumps r' gonna be growin my Dear...as well as the appetight;>...Maybe Mama-Bug can help you frame yourself at That point?? Nothing like a bit of bonding over portraiture.
    My sisters bellyshot, taken by another sister, graced the maternity ward at the hospital the Sister/Photographer worked at for over a decade.
    & Hey! Huggs & a peck on the cheek for being Moms real life Angel during her recovery!
    You Are Awesome!

  3. This is really taking me back. I was 27 when I had my son, he's 15 now. Hearing your babie's heartbeat is truly wonderful. I'm so happy for you.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. The exhaustion lessens and the bump grows bigger! Congratulations!


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