One Month New

I can’t believe my baby girl is already a month old! I’m not sure I like how quickly time is going by!!


At one month you are…

  • Just a little over 7lbs
  • You wear NB in diapers.
  • Your clothes are NB and some of them are still big on you.  And I was worried that you wouldn’t wear all of them!!
  • You sleep much of the day still…but are beginning to stay awake for longer stretches.
  • Sometimes you like to have a party at night…but you keep forgetting to send me the invitation ahead of time!!  Your party hours are usually the wee morning hours.
  • You love your bottle…typically eating 3oz every 3-4 hours.
  • You are very alert when awake and have the brightest blue eyes.
  • You love bath time, but despise getting out of the bath!
  • You’re definitely going to take after your Mommy and be a girl on the go.  You don’t mind traveling one bit.
  • You love to stick your tongue out all the time!


The NICU Experience

Miss Madilyn had to spend 2 1/2 days in the NICU following her birth.  She had to receive  IV antibiotics for a possible infection, as well as having a condition in which she had too many red blood cells, and she also became jaundiced.  Her transfer to the NICU was unexpected.

I would not wish for anyone to be separated from their newborn.  It has been by far the hardest time of my life.  To see your newborn attached to monitors and hooked up to an IV is gut wrenching.  And I almost think it is worse because of my medical knowledge.

What I am thankful for is the fact that I have worked beside these nurses during my clinical rotation in the NICU and knew that she was in the hands of some of the best nurses I have met! Madilyn quickly earned the title of “NICU Diva” and had them wrapped around her finger!

While it was hard to see my little angel in there, I was also very thankful that she was not critical as many of the babies in the NICU were.  The night that Madilyn was born another mother delivered twins at an early gestational age.  One of the babies was stabilized and sent to a NICU that can handle infants weighing less than 2lbs.  The other twin grew their angel wings that night.  I cannot imagine the heartache that family went through! I was blessed to have a healthy newborn!!

Here is a sampling of our NICU experience in photos!