My Grandpa, My Inspiration

Today has been one of mixed emotions. For this was the day of my Grandpa’s birthday.

Grandpa was an inspiration to me and taught me so many lessons in life.  He taught me to value life, no matter how big or small it may be.  And his love of nature is definitely running through my veins.  There was nothing better than spending a day out in the boat fishing.  And when I say “the day”, I mean literally until the last few rays of sunlight were setting!  He also passed on a love of the mountains to me and to my family.  And most of all…Grandpa passed on to me a love for photography.  I only wish that I could now share the passion that I have with him.

I know that as I go through life…I have the most amazing guardian watching over me.  And when life seems too hard, I can hear his words of encouragement and assurance ever so loudly telling me it will all work out and be ok.

We all love you and miss you so much Grandpa!

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  1. Thank you dear daughter, you have expressed these words so well. His passing has left an empty place in our lives, but he still continues to inspire us every day.


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