Yes…I have been a slacker on blogging lately.  So in a quick re-cap, here is what is happening in my world!

School is keeping me extremely busy.  I am finishing up week 5…and I am truly surprised at how quickly it is going by.  I am now getting back in the routine of studying and have a routine now.  That makes me very happy!  Our first round of clinicals started today.  I am very excited to finally put to use the things we have learned in class up to date :)

Free time…not so sure I know what that is anymore!  My camera is feeling pretty neglected.  Between school and this blistering heat I haven’t had it out all that much.  Maybe I can show it a little love this weekend!

That’s pretty much the way things are rolling in my life!

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  1. Maybe we can both show our cameras some love this weekend! Mine feels totally neglected!


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