Dear Tourists

If you see this…


it means that it would be in your best interest to stay out of the water unless you are a skilled swimmer.  Otherwise, you may find yourself in this situation…


having to be rescued by a lifeguard. 

On this particular day, T.S. Don was approaching Texas and had our waters kicked up pretty strong.  The waves were amazing, but the undercurrent was extremely strong! Many don’t realize the dangers of swimming in these strong undercurrents and find themselves in trouble.  I am thankful that this situation had a happy ending, but unfortunately many do not.  So if you are visiting the beaches, please be sure to know what the water conditions are before you head into the water!

Ok…I will get off my PSA soapbox now :)


  1. Very good information that needs to be repeated, repeated, repeated....

  2. I can't imagine why anyone would try when the red flag is out. Glad that one worked out ok.

  3. I know how to swim, but I don't. I know what the fishes are doing in these waters. :)


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