Wow…it’s been a WHILE!

I knew that I had gotten totally wrapped up in all that occurred with the end of the fall semester and holidays…but didn’t realize I hadn’t posted in over a month! YIKES!!!

So here I am…and a few updates to go along to!

  • Thanksgiving was spent with friends and family.  And let’s not forget about all night shopping! Yes I was one of those crazies out before midnight!!!
  • The fall semester ended…FINALLY!
  • Accepted into the RN transition program…2 semesters to go and then I will have my RN license :)
  • Christmas Eve was spent with family.
  • Christmas Day I worked 16 hrs. 

And here we are at New Year’s Eve! 

Hopefully my blogging “mojo” is back and I can stay up-to-date on posting :)



  1. It's good to know all is going well. Thank for the update and Happy New Year!!

  2. WoW is right...
    You Worked 16 HOURS on Christmas DAY(?)!
    Whoa Nelly!!!
    You are Amazing Girl!!
    You make sure to Have an EXTRAordinary
    Happy New Year ..

    i know Mom & Dad are Proud of You
    but i can't help it..
    i'm Proud of you too!


  3. So pretty. Love the warm filter effect. Happy New Year!

  4. I wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2012.

  5. Thanks everyone!!! I am working to catch up on all of your blogs in the next few days :)

  6. A very happy New Year. Great about your R.N. :-) x xxxxxxxxxxx
    Give that young pup of yours a big hug too :-) x x x x x x


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