Hello 3rd Trimester!!


Oh My…I am on the downhill slide! I hit the 3rd trimester today and in 91 days (give or take) Maddie will make her arrival!!

How far along: 27 weeks today!

How big is the baby: Maddie is now close to 2 1/2 lbs and about 14 1/2 in long.  If you want to compare that to a veggie, she is about the size of cauliflower. 

Total weight gain: Not stepping on the scale until I have to! 

Sleep: That varies…sometimes I get a good stretch of sleep in and others not so much.  For instance it’s 4am and I am wide awake and writing this blog post! 

Maternity Clothes: Do other clothes even exist anymore? Not for me! I did score a few new shirts and the dress above while shopping the other day.   

Food cravings: Watermelon continues to be a fav and add to that chicken salad! 

Food aversions: No real aversions. 


  • Multiple bathroom trips! And all the watermelon doesn’t help!!
  • Leg cramps! Though not as bad as they were there for a while. 
  • Hot Flashes! Or maybe that is because mother nature is having some extreme hot flashes right now!!
  • Swelling! Feet are no longer allowed to hang down for an extended amount of time.  The results are not pretty!

Movement: Stronger by the day! Maddie is starting to pack quite a punch and kick!! 

Gender: Girl!

Appointment: Next appointment is June 22nd.


  1. you look wonderful and your little cauliflower is almost ready. i had to laugh at the list of simptoms because i am 67 and not pregnant and i have al of those now, and mine will not go away in 3 months. LOL

  2. You look beautiful sweet girl; and we can't wait for Maddie to arrive!

  3. You look MAH-velous!!
    Specially while packing a Califlower?]]
    That Dress is lovely...nice color on you. Looks like you'll be able to wear it After little girl arrives too... perhaps an adjustment or so...


  4. ALREADY!!! My how times is flying (I know not for you).

    Lovely image your Mama captured. :)

  5. What a beautiful soon to be mommy!


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