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Well there hasn’t been much new happening in my world!  I will finish up my last 2 days of clinicals in the nursing home this week.  And I may just do a little dance on my way out the door Tuesday!  Each person has their area of choice, and I know that mine is not in geriatrics.  The next rotation will be in Pediatrics.  Now that is more like it!  So bring on those little ankle biters :)

Speaking of school, I cannot believe that we have been going for 4 months already!  This means 8 more months ‘til we’re pinned!!!

The weather gave us just a little tease this past week.  It was so nice to have nice, cool temps.  But the warmth came back with furry this weekend.  Oh Fall when will you be here to stay?!?!?!?!?!

And Halloween is quickly approaching.  I’ve got to figure out what in the world I will be this year.  Any ideas???

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  1. Hope everything is going well with the clinicals!! And I also hope the next 8 months breezes by!!!

    Be a nurse for Halloween ;)


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