{Kickin’ Out the Stess}

It is so easy to get all wrapped up in life and let the little things stress us out.  As I was sitting around over the weekend, I realized that I am letting the smallest of things get to me.  So I decided that it is time to reinforce some of my stress relievers.  If not, life will not be happy for me…or those around me for that matter!

So here are a few of the things that help me de-stress my crazy, hectic life!

Listening to soothing music can calm my frazzled brain every single time.  My choice of easy listening is Enya.  So I keep the playlist ready to go at all times and it is usually playing as I study too!

Getting outside and breathing the fresh air can do miracles.  It is so easy to get stuck inside behind a desk and loose your perspective.  Taking a short walk and letting the breeze blow through your hair helps to re-focus.  And it is the perfect time of year to get out and breath the coolness in the air too.

Stop the procrastination!  And I am SO guilty.  I promise you I am the worst for putting things off until the very last minute.  But really…it gets me nowhere! And then I just end up completely frustrated and mad at myself for slacking and waiting until the last minute. 

And finally…don’t forget to take time out for yourself.  If it is getting a pedicure, taking the camera out and about or retail therapy, make time for you!

So what are ways that you de-stress your life?


  1. I try to keep moving as strange as it seems. If I sit around, things pile up and I go nuts paying catch-up aka stop the procrastinating as you said!!

    I also go out for a walk.

    And most importantly- cook or bake. It's something...heck the only thing I have the most control of!

  2. Reading a good book! You get so involved in the reading you forget about everything else.

  3. I make a list! Usually when I'm stressed it's because I'm feeling overwhelmed so list-making helps in a big way. I found you on Mama's Little Nestwork and I'm so happy I stopped by! Great blog!
    ~Jules @ www.adbits.blogspot.com


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