{Photo Challenge: Fav Photo}

It is almost impossible for me to pick one single photo as my absolute favorite.  I have many that I REALLY love!  But I did it…I narrowed it down to one single image for this challenge!

This photo was taken in February of this year during the freak snowstorm that hit the south.  It was actually taken from the highway…and yes I was pulled over to take it!!! 

So…it is this photo that I shall enter into the photo challenge:

IMG_2577 hawaii

Do you have a favorite photo that you would like to enter?  If so, just click on the button below and join in on the photo challenge!  And check out all of the other great entries as well!!!


  1. I love this pic!... makes me wish for snow!! ;)

  2. Yep, really good choice and worth the stop on the road to catch it.

  3. Gorgeous! The snow really adds that extra touch.


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