{I Just…}

Got myself an early birthday present! I figure I deserve it…right?!?!?!?

So I have been looking at different bags that will be dual functioning:  everyday items and my camera.  There are lots of different bags out there!  I have your everyday styles, but they scream CAMERA BAG and I just didn’t want that for this bag.

After much browsing and searching, I made a decision.  I was first introduced to this bag by Tracy a few months ago.  And it by far seemed to be the one bag that fit what I wanted.  This bag will be perfect for everyday use, going to theme parks, etc. I can’t wait until it arrives at my door tomorrow!!!

And I will definitely post pics as soon as it arrives!

There is still one other bag that I plan to purchase.  This bag is a little more fashionable, but once again it looks nothing like a camera bag!

Rose - Pewter

This bag is made by Jo Totes.  They have several different styles and many different color options!


  1. YEAH! I LOVE mine!

    I have used it on 2 shoots, since I got it, besides normal use....it worked so well and I barley knew I was carrying it, while I was working!

  2. I am super excited to get mine tomorrow!!! Thanks for sharing your find with us!


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