When You Stumble...Dance

In the last few months, life has definitely thrown a few curve balls my direction. At first they really tripped me up quite a bit. After a few falls, which gave me a couple of bumps, bruises and scrapes, I decided that I would get back up. Why...it is a motto I have lived by for a while now. And is simply says:  When you stumble...make it part of the dance.

When you stop to think about it, we will all stumble at some point in the dance of life. It isn't always a smooth dance floor. But when we hit the rough patches it is important to remember that when we stumble, we must brush ourselves off and start dancing again! Learn and move forward.

This blog will be many things...my dances in life, my passion for photography, and yes...my stumbles in life as well. For each of these things make me who I am!


  1. Amanda...I'm showing it some love! I love it! I love the design, and the rounded corners on the pictures, and the pictures themselves, and especially your slogan. I am gonna remember that! Actually, I had something similar happen recently when I was playing my violin spontaneously at a conference and I hit a bad note. But I kept going, and while I was talking, the Lord just gave me the words to say...in life, we all miss a note sometimes, but just make it part of the song. It was so similar to your slogan it is scary! I had never heard this before...so I was so happy when I read yours...I am so living this right now. I have always been a black and white thinker. So, I'm learning to live in the gray areas of life, and allowing myself to mess up and keep going without beathing myself up. Anyway, hope you keep writing! I look forward to reading. Hannah

  2. I love the new blog. I wanted to use this background as well. it is so adorable! I will let you keep it for your own though.... great pictures. I am linking you on my sidebar.


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