Frustrated and Furious

This is only 2 of the many adjectives describing those who live along the Gulf of Mexico. The reality is that life as we know it will be changed forever. A way of life is about to be taken away.

There have been so many articles written and published that have contained statements from BP. However there is a statement in one article that really just made me angry.

The statement was made by BP chief executive Tony Hayward. He stated:

“BP is running very well today, “ he said. “it’s generating a lot of cash.  It’ll generate 30-35 billion dollars of free cash flow this year. We have a very strong balance sheet, very low level of debt, low gearing, a strong set of assets. We have the financial strength to see through this and we have the determination to do the right thing, to rebuild our reputation.”

Well Mr. Hayward…let me give you the reality of what those who make their living off of the waters that are now destined to be closed are faced with. These hard-working people have already taken a hit by a failing economy. They are now faced with no income. Their pockets are not nearly as padded as yours are. For you this may be a bump in the road…for them this is an impassable mountain! While you generate your billions of revenue this year and count your many assets, those who make a living off of the waters will be left counting pennies.

When it comes right down to it…can your deep running pockets really get you through this? Because yes…there is going to be a very large financial loss take place. But even you Mr. Hayward will not be able to fix the desolation of our beautiful beaches and flourishing sea life that we have enjoyed in the gulf waters.

A love of the ocean that is passed from generation to generation will be no more. And the question remains as to how long, if ever, it will take for what we love to be returned to us. And no amount of money will be able to fix this.

The article the above quote was taken from can be found here.

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