{The Way It’s Meant To Be}

There are very few that can say they have been married for a significant number of years.  Marriage is not held in the same regard that previous generations held to. 

Thankfully there are still those that have stood beside each other through it all.  And I am honored that my grandparents are included in this group.  They are celebrating their 66th Anniversary today! Yep…they were married on this day back in 1945.  When they got married, my grandfather was 19 and my grandmother 16. 

Happy Anniversary Grandma & Grandpa…we love you both so very much!!!

atchison family 1 038


  1. That's awesome! That's so young to be married. I bet they have some great stories to tell.
    Happy anniversary to your grandparents.

  2. Thank you for sharing! This is really cool!

  3. Oh how lovely! And I love that photo to - old photo's have such charm :-)


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