{Just For Thoughts}

“Never have regrets about anything.  Each tiny thing shapes you into a stronger person than you were yesterday.  It is how you become who you are today.”

So I am a fan of quotes.  I use them on my blog often as you may have noticed.  But sometime these simple little lines can speak volumes.  And when one does, I like to share it.

One thing I learned early on is that mistakes will be made.  And while some will be more life-altering than others, they all have an impact.  It is a way in which we learn and grow.

I could choose to look back and have regrets and beat myself up over choices that I have made…or I can look forward, letting those choices shape and mold me into the person that I am now.  I chose to look forward!

Here’s to an amazing week…Happy Monday everyone!!! 

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