{The Difference}

Yesterday I was reminded of why I have chosen the profession that I have.  Nursing is not a career that one just wakes up and decides to take on.  It is more than just provided a person with physical care.

There are definite areas of nursing that I have fallen in love with.  Which area I will choose to specialize in remains to be seen.  One area that is not my favorite is geriatrics.  I know that is not my calling.  Throw me in with the ankle biters please! 

My clinical rotation for the last 2 weeks has had me on a medical/surgical floor.  These are patients that are in for various medical reasons.  And most of the time, these patients are much older.  And present you with many challenges!

I got my assignment on Tuesday and had a feeling that one patient would not be a cake walk.  This patient was not all that happy about being there…but really, who is?  So I proceed through my day.  Said patient is not overly talkative and answers to questions are brief.  Day ends and I expect to move on to different patients for Wednesday. 

Surprise!  We are keeping the same patients from the previous day.  My immediate thought was to just make it through the day.  So I get started with my morning routine.  And even though I am far from being a morning person, put on my happy face and smile.

Little did I know that the happy face and smile had made a difference.  The patient was a little more talkative, but not by much.  So at the end of the day I go in to take care of a few things and tell the patient bye.  That is when he commented to me that it is nice to see a smiling face and an overall happy person.

I have always known that our actions speak louder than words.  And our expressions are included in that as well.  But to actually hear how our actions affect someone will really make you stop in your tracks!

This is why I have chosen nursing.  It is much more than giving medications…it is care that involves all aspects of physical and emotional well being.  I know that the words of this patient will stick with me for many years.  And little did I realize that while I was taking care of him, he was changing my outlook as well!


  1. Sometimes it takes so little to make the difference in someone's day or even life. How awesome that you're in the nursing field.

  2. Exactly we never know how our example and manner may affect others. Nice example and I am glad you put your self second so to speak and made the effort to smile etc, a good example for me :-)


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