{My Turn!}

Hi!  I am the furry princess that has been featured on this blog.  I was thinking that it was about time that I have my say on here!
I figure since my mom is so busy she won’t mind…well, she may a little.  But when I give her those sad puppy eyes she’ll forget whatever it was I did!
I am really happy that warm weather and sunshine have finally returned.  It means that I can go outside and smell all the newness of spring.  And most importantly, I can play ball!  If only I could figure out why my mom wants me to bring the ball back to her each time she throws it.  Maybe I want her to chase it while I rest!
And I noticed that I haven’t been pictured on here in a while!  What is with that!?!?!?  So I will end my hijacking with some photos of me…the princess!
4-29-07 015IMG_4501IMG_5493IMG_6360


  1. You are a sweet, little princess! And I'm sure it's just fine to hijack your mommy's blog. Every girl needs to get her 2 cents worth in!

  2. Hi Muffy, someone special to you sent me over so I can see you being a princess. Now if I mentioned Cookies, I wonder how long it would be before you jumped from that chair. :-) Think I would also let you share my new rug infront of the fire. Have to bring your own cookies though.... :-) X X X
    Lots of luv AMIE SOTO BLOSSOM X X X

    Looks like you have another admirer Muffy little pal. X X X

  3. You are too cute! In the last shot you look like a model. ;-)


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