A Request

I have a request to ask of you this morning.

There is a precious little girl that is in need of many prayers.  Her name is Bella.  Bella has a rare skin condition known as Epidermolysis Bullosa, or simply EB for short.  This condition is very rare.  EB is a genetic disorder in which the the binder for skin is missing.  The result is blistering of the skin.  Mind you, this is a very simplified explanation of this disease.

Bella has undergone BMT (bone marrow transplant) in which she received transplant from her older sister.  The hope is that her sister's cells will engraft and kick EB out the door.  Bella is day 82+ and is currently in PICU. 

Both Bella and her family are in need of our prayers and support.  Bella is fight a very tough fight.  So if you have a few moments, please go read Bella's Story.  But I must warn you...this little girl will capture your heart!  I truly believe that she is an angel among us and will have the most awesome story to share with the world!

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  1. The faith of this family is awe inspiring. Please lift this family and Bella up in prayer as often as you can. You will be truly blessed by reading their story>


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