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So…I know that I recently did a blog makeover, but still just wasn’t feeling it.  Now I think I like where this is going. 

I really wanted something more fun and a little on the funky side.  And this template really seemed to fit what I was looking for!  And if you notice…that pesky blogger bar at the top of the page is now banished.  That in part is due to the fact that my blog has been given its very own name.  The direct link to the site is www.whenyoustumbledance.com.  However, if you have it saved under the .blogspot.com address it will automatically be directed to the new address.  Seriously, no worries for all 10 of my readers out there ;)

I still have a few more embellishments to add in the next few days, but overall the main feel of the blog is where it will stay for while.  So let me know what you think!!!
sigi retro

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  1. It's Funky alright. :)

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