September 11, 2001…a day that we will never forget.  A day that brings tears to our eyes each time we see pictures.  And most certainly we will never forget where we were or what we were doing when this tragedy struck our nation.

We had just arrived to our Accounting II class at the college.  All of us had heard over the radio that a plane had struck the WTC.  There would obviously be no accounting work take place…we immediately turn on the TV and begin to watch the tragedy unfold before our eyes.  The first plane had hit the South Tower just before us getting to class.  So we intently watch the news coverage, trying to figure out what would have caused a plane to crash into the building.

Then…as we are watching the coverage, a second plane hits the North Tower.  There are no words to describe what we had just witnessed.  Shock, disbelief, and tears were all that were present in that classroom.  No one spoke for several minutes as we were all trying to process the image that would be forever burned into our memory.  But that was not the end.  Flight 77 then crashes into the Pentagon.  Almost an hour after the first plane hit, we are watching the South Tower crumble.

It is at this point the college begins to clear the campus.  There is no longer any question as to what is happening.  America has fallen under attack.  This was the case across the nation.  For my generation, this was the first time we had faced such tragedy. 

9 years later…we remember the loss of innocent lives.  So many arrived to work that day unaware that they would soon take their final breaths.  It is a stark reminder that life is so precious.  That we are not guaranteed a tomorrow.  Today, cherish those that you love and remember those that are aching to hold a loved one that was lost. 

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