{Coming out}

From behind the camera that is!

I am not usually the subject in front of the camera…but yesterday I made the exception to get a few new shots!  It feels a little strange to be on the other side too.  These are a few of my favs!

And a big thanks to my mom for taking these shots!!!  Go check out some of her own work over on her blog!

IMG_5500edit IMG_5471edit IMG_5472edit IMG_5494edit IMG_5497edit IMG_5498edit


  1. What can I say you gorgeous girl!
    You're the kind of girl a mama can be proud of. Love You!

  2. I think 5 is my favorite! GO Mom!

  3. I recently started following your moms blog, and found you this morning. you did a super job on her photos and she did on yours. two photographers in one family, that is great. these are really good.


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