Labor Day

My last OB appointment was on Thursday, August 16th.  I was 36 weeks and 5 days.  It was a typical appointment for the most point.  We were concerned with all the swelling.  And by swelling I mean swelling that was pitting!!  Other than that, everything looked great.  A quick check revealed that I was 2cm dilated and 80% effaced.  There were lots of braxton hicks contraction and they were obviously getting my body ready!! Not to mention, she had dropped the week prior.  We set an induction date for September 4th. 

On my way out of the office, my midwife jokingly said that she would be on call all weekend if I should need her.  Little did we know that I really would!!

Thursday night was my most restless night I had experienced during pregnancy.  I couldn’t get comfortable, was up every hour to go to the bathroom and the swelling was not relenting any at all.  Needless to say by morning I was exhausted.  So I got up and started my day.  But I just felt “off”.  I couldn’t put my finger on why though. I just figured it was from the night of no sleep. 

So at 11am, I decided that I would go take a nap.  Finally, a brief stretch of sleep!! I got up at 1pm, thankful for just a short period of sleep.  It wasn’t long after waking up that I had intense pain hit me through my back.  Wow…it totally took me by surprise and took my breath away.  After a minute, it subsided.  And then about 10min later, another hit.  At this point I began to pay attention.  I pulled out my phone and noted the time. 

But could this be labor? I wasn’t sure.  So I just laid across the bed and waited to see if it happened again.  Yes…it did.  So I called and spoke to the nurse, who told me to do what I was already doing.  She confirmed that it sounded like back labor and if it continued for the next hour go to L&D to be checked. 

They continued, so at 2:45 I decided that it was time to go to L&D.  As I am gathering my bag and the baby’s bag, the back pain goes from intermittent to a constant.  This was concerning…and unrelenting! My nurse brain is trying to figure out what is going on!!

After a 45min drive (the longest of my life!!) I arrive at L&D.  At this point I am in tears and the pain has been constant for almost an hour.  I’m checked and I have progressed a little father than I was the previous day.  I’m also contracting, but not even feeling them over this constant pain in my back. 

The on-call Dr comes in and orders labs and a renal ultrasound.  She suspects that I may have a kidney stone.  She also ordered a hefty dose of pain meds!  Well…multiple doses of pain meds don’t touch the back pain. 

Finally, the results from the ultrasound arrive.  And it was in fact kidney related.  It seemed as though my little princess was squishing my right kidney, blocking the flow of urine and causing my kidney to become enlarged and spongy.  A condition known as hydronephrosis.  The decision was made to admit me, try to get pain under control and monitor the contractions.

Contractions?!?!?! I still didn’t even notice them other than feeling my stomach tighten!!

Fast forward to Saturday morning…

Pain relief was still not in sight.  So we take it a step further and they decide to start me on a pain pump.  I was hopeful that this would be the relief I needed.  But much to my dismay, it wasn’t!!

So at 2pm, I am at the end of my rope! My contractions had subsided (I know this from watching the monitor). But I felt like progress had occurred.  So when my midwife came in at 2pm, I asked her to check me.  And I was right.  I was dilated 4cm!! She then asked me if I wanted her to break my water and have a baby today.  I didn’t have to think twice on that one! I knew that the only way to improve the kidney issue was delivering. 

Labor progressed quickly and smoothly.  At 10:13pm, Miss Madilyn made her grand entrance!!

Birth Stats:

Length of Labor: 8hrs

Pain Medication: Epidural

Weight: 6lb 9oz

Length: 19 1/2in

Apgar Score: 8/10



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  1. Ouch! I guess your kidney is back to normal now?

    1. Yes...finally getting back to normal! And I have ankles again :)

  2. I'm so thankful all went well. It was definitely in God's hands. I have a healthy daughter and granddaughter to praise Him for!

  3. What a story! Glad to hear you are back to feeling better and same with the babe!


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