Weekly Bump-Date

What week?  Week 8

How am I feeling?  Well…for the most part I feel pretty good.  My only complaint would be EXHAUSTION!  And a little mid-afternoon sickness here and there too.

Weight gain?  2lbs…and my favorite jeans are getting to be not so comfy :(

Food likes or dislikes?  I want Taco Bell like crazy! Not the best thing out there…so I am trying to resist and opt for healthier choices.  Not really digging any sweets right now…and for me that is STRANGE!!!

Doctor’s Appointment?  Had my first appt. on Monday (1/23) and my next appt. and u/s is 2/20 :)

Weekly Bump Shot:



  1. Awwww, how sweet. The updates will be such fun! :) Are you planning to take childbirth education classes? Even those in the medical profession can benefit from some of the tricks you can pick up there.

  2. I don't plan on classes at this point, but I will have the assistance of a doula!

  3. Awe! Love the shower curtain(?)... Fun update!

  4. Congratulations!! You will love having these posts to look back on...especially if you do a baby book. By the time mine arrived, I had already forgotten most of the details.


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