This and That

So what is happening in my world???

Lots and lots of things.  With the most important being studying for my state boards.  I received my letter from the state that allows me to work as a graduate nurse until I take/pass the NCLEX.  YAY!!!  Along with that letter came my Authorization To Test (ATT).  The ATT is what I was waiting on to schedule my NCLEX.  And the BIG day will be July 21st! 

Oh my…I don’t think I have ever been this nervous!  On the last day of class we took the NCLEX predictor.  It was a 150 question exam that is based off the actual NCLEX.  Upon hitting the submit button on the predictor I felt as though I was going to be physically ill and knew for sure that I had bombed it.  But much to my surprise I didn’t.  Based on that predictor I have a 99% chance of passing on my first attempt.  But any extra thoughts and prayers are welcomed :)

I am also getting back in the swing of job apps and interviews.  So far I have interviewed at one facility and have a call-back interview with the Director of Nursing.  And then on Thursday I have another interview at an Oncology office.  So we shall see!!!

Aside from that, I am attempting to restart Couch 2 5K again.  I hope that this time I will be able to stick with it all the way to the end this time.  Anyone want to join me???

And finally…I leave you with this adorable little guy!



  1. I'll be praying for the test. Remind us as it gets closer.

    I've done a 5K, really loved it. Did it with my Mom on her 65th birthday. It's want she wanted to do. I'd love to start running again, but lost my mo-jo.

    LOVE the picture!

  2. You will do GREAT!!! Good luck on your interviews.

    I gave up too, running hurts my back...have to find the right shoes. So, I will stick to Zumba, biking and walking right now.



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