Happy Days Are Here Again!

By now dear Amanda, you will have guessed that your mama has hijacked your blog! Just want to say how proud your dad and I are that you are now a full-fledged NURSE. You are such a blessing in our lives! Congratulations!!!

"2011 LPN  Graduates of Gulf Coast State College"
Amanda is second from the left on the front row.


  1. YYIIPPPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Amanda, I know you worked hard!

  2. Congratulations Amanda, you have only just begun!. A taste of LPN will soar you further into RN < it did for me! I started as a Nurses Aid in 1948 ...went to LPN in 1963, and into RN 1975 :o) it was hard but well worth the effort in the end..There was a tragic end to my career, Because I was on the negotiating committee for a union,and it succeeded, I was barred from every Hospital in the vicinity..Alas! it was for a good cause.

  3. How SWEET! I am really proud of you too, Amanda. I think you are going to be an excellent nurse!!!!!!


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