Taking A Look Back

It’s really over…LPN school that is! 

I took my final test on Monday.  I also took my predictor exam.  This is a test that gives students an idea of what the NCLEX (licensing exam) will be like.  It also scores your performance to let you know areas to work on and what your percentage score is to pass on the first attempt. 

As I was taking the exam (all 180 questions!!!) I knew for sure that I was completely bombing out on it.  That thing was no joke!  I was actually to the point of wanting to yak by the time I hit the submit button.  Sorry of that is TMI!

But I hit submit and waited…the test then gave me a survey before I could see my results.  REALLY???  I just wanted to see my score! 

Finally…I get my score.  It was WAY better than I thought it would be.  I made 80%, answering 150 of 180 questions correctly.  Had this been my NCLEX, that would have been a passing score. 

I then go out and look up what my score means.  Based on my performance on the this test, I have a 99% chance of passing the NCLEX on my first attempt.  So I am really happy…but there are still lots of nerves!

If all goes as planned I will take the NCLEX on July 18th and be fully licensed as an LPN.  The next step is starting the RN program, which will hopefully be January!!!

And now…a look back at the past year! 



  1. Looks like so many memories! I love the shot of you and your might muscles.

    You WILL do great!

    When I took my state boards (cosmetology) I just KNEW I aced the state law part of the exam and I was worried about the practical. I passed the first time taking it....but guess what I did way better on the practical then I did on the state laws. I think those tests are designed to mess with you! LOL!

  2. Way to go girl! It's been a long, hard year but you made it through with flying colors! I've no doubt that you'll do fine on your license exam too. God has taken you step by step through this journey and will be there with you as you daily walk with him. I love you!

  3. Oh, I so feel your pain. I hate tests and get sick just thinking of having to take test. I would feel pretty good to have this type of "gage" to know before taking the big test.


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