The Facts

Fact:  I’m so OVER winter! What happened to this winter being mild?  Because it has been far from…as evidenced by my astronomical power bill!!!

Fact:  I'm done to 4 months of classes before being finished with the LPN portion of my nursing career.  Then it is on to my RN and then pursue my doctorate!!!  These last 8 months have gone by far faster than I had imagined they would!

Fact:  My camera feels neglected.  It doesn’t get nearly the attention it feels that it deserves here lately!

Fact:  I am unhappy about starting back over on week one of Couch 2 5K…but that is life sometimes.  I’m just glad I’m over whatever ick I had.  That stuff hung around for WAY too long!

Fact:  I have decided that turning 30 wasn’t so bad after all!

Fact:  My dog has far too many toys!  I had to call a toy intervention yesterday and filled up a T@rget bag full…and she still has a basket that is over-flowing.  Yes she is more than a little spoiled!

Fact:  I must return to studying now…that is unless I have a volunteer to take my test in the morning.  Any takers?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  1. DOn't feel bad over starting over on the C2-5K. I am too!
    Not because I was sick or didn't do it. I just can't get to that 3rd week pace YET! So, I decided to start over from the beginning again work my way up...AGAIN. Maybe this time I will be able to keep up. :(

  2. NO way your on your own for the test - sorry!! ;-)
    We just got an astronomical bill and it's summer here lol! I haven't settled on the turning 30 is okay yet....


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