{Back to Reality}

As this post self-publishes itself, I will be back in the chaos of class.  And yes, today will most definitely classify as chaos!  My day will look something like this:

  • 6:30-7:30 Class Orientation
  • 7:30-10:30 Sacred Heart Orientation
  • 10:30-12:00 Travel time and quickly devour a little food!
  • 12:00 Bay Medical Orientation

What will make this day so much fun is all the traveling!  I will start out here the day by driving 30 min from my home to Port St Joe to class…then after completing the class and Sacred Heart portion I have to drive yet again another 30 min to Panama City for the Bay Med portion.  And then finally another 30 min drive back home!  Basically, I will drive myself in a circle.  Are you dizzy yet? 

But I must say being a college student again has had some advantages!  I love having nice, long Christmas breaks and it will be sooooo nice to have a spring break!!!

Back to reality means that I will also be a little more limited on blogging time.  This part makes me sad!  I will still try to visit and comment as much as possible and will be making use of pre-posting to keep up with my 365 Project!  Thankfully I will be able to keep up to some degree with the Blackberry!

Hope each of you have an amazing day!!!

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