Counting Down

I cannot believe that I am so close to holding baby girl in my arms. Friday marks 33 weeks!

Today was my 4D ultrasound. It was amazing to see how much she has grown and changed since my last ultrasound! And I must say she has quite the personality!! She will be keeping us on our toes no doubt.


  1. What a beautiful little granddaughter I'm going to have very soon! Can't wait to hold and spoil her!

  2. LOL again. Made me crack up already on Instagram. You are in SO much trouble!

  3. Hehehehe!
    i agree with Tracy...
    You've been forewarned..and you Will enjoy Every moment, No doubt.
    Specially as Mama-bug starts laughing at Baby-girls antics because they remind her of YOU!

    She's going to be hopelessly spoiled you know:)

  4. 4D? Wow! Very cool!

  5. All our very best wishes and loves........... AH.. I have to make something..:-) She looks a beautiful baby, lots of love from here X X X


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