Almost Half Way

I can't believe how quickly the weeks have gone by! I'm now a little over 19 weeks. But I am sure that the time flying will come to a screeching halt in July and August!

So here is the most recent bump-date:

How many weeks? 19

Weight gain? I think somewhere around 12lbs...give or take a pound!

Cravings and aversions? Pizza still holds on to my top spot as far as cravings go. Also oranges and strawberries. I don't have any real issues with aversions.

Gender? Hope to find out on the 26 th! I can't wait to shop and buy colors other than green and yellow!!

Bump Shot


  1. How sweet. :) I so remember those days of planning and dreaming.

  2. Mama can't wait to find out either! I'm just so excited! Love you!

  3. CUTE!!! And that BABY BETTER Cooperate this time!

  4. very exciting time in your life...enjoy every moment! :)


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