I Swallowed…

Well, maybe almost swallowed a bowling ball! This photo was taken on April 28th.  Hopefully I will get an updated shot soon :)


How far along: 24 weeks today :) 

How big is the baby: Maddie should now be 12.5 inches long (think ear of corn) and weigh about 1.5lbs.

Total weight gain: Haven’t went near the scales to know!! 

Sleep: About the same.  Maddie is very active around 4am every morning! 

Maternity Clothes: Yep! One day I will see normal clothes again!! 

"Note-worthy" moments:

  1. I love lying in bed watching my belly move in the mornings :)

Food cravings: This week it has been anything sweet! 

Food aversions: None!


  • Multiple bathroom trips! Let me just say the books didn’t tell the truth when they said that the frequent bathroom trips slow down in the 2nd trimester…or maybe it’s because Maddie likes to head-butt my bladder!!

Movement: Getting stronger by the day…and moving like a gymnast still!   

Gender: Girl!

Next Appointment: May 24th


  1. this is a time you will never forget! I always loved feeling Kyle kick and move about. He would also get the hiccups! Have a great weekend!

  2. You're too Cute!))
    It's all SO exciting to share these times with You & Maddie!
    & Mama-bug too!!


  3. Love that cute little baby bump you're sporting!

  4. What an update! Love the matching pink bowling ball. :) All the very best!


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